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Worried About Committing to a Lease?

See if this helps…

The first principle is simple – Establish a business case for your coffee machine. If you can make it work successfully, of course, you’ll have one – but establish your business case first, and foremost.

We can help with this.

Usually (but not always) we have trade-in machines coming back to us as our customers grow their businesses and move up to the next level, and every so often our demonstrators need to be replaced. These machines enter a multi-stage process of rejuvenation, inside and out, but internally they’re returned to factory fresh. Every gasket, pump, pressure-valve, seal and otherwise wearable component is replaced, then they’re fully recalibrated and programmed to suit their new user’s needs. (They come with a full 12 month’s parts and labour warranty, just as they do from the factory.)

You could have one for a three-month trial period. There’s no better way to prove your business case.

What Are The Costs?

Installation: £100 + 3 x £100 Monthly rentals. Total: £400 over the three month period.

But then we give you enough stock, and then some, to recoup your £400. You would be in profit.

How much profit, and how much further stock you use, will accurately predict whether leasing is the way forward for you, or not.

If you’re thinking about leasing a bean to cup coffee machine in the North East, contact us, and tell us a bit about your thoughts and needs – we’ll be delighted to help if we can.

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