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Who, What, Why of Coffee Machines

Amore Coffee offers a range of bean-to-cup coffee machines to suit a variety of requirements. Our range of fully automatic coffee machines are diverse and can be tailored to each unique business’s needs – they can even dispense cups and be coin-operated if that’s what you require. We also have a range of portable machines which are tank filled – which means that you don’t need a plumbed-in water connection to brew beautiful coffee.

Bean-to-Cup vs Traditional Coffee Machines

Not sure what type of machine you need? Or even what the differences are between a Bean-to-Cup vs a traditional coffee machine? We have compiled a helpful Bean-to-Cup vs Traditional Coffee Machine guide to give you more insight into the workings of both.

Why Get a Coffee Machine for your Office?

Today, coffee is much more than just a refreshment; it’s an obsession. If you want proof of this, walk through the centre of any UK city and you’ll see dozens upon dozens of coffee shops. This coffee craze has even found its way into our offices. Your office’s visitors, workforce, and management all understand the difference between real coffee and what comes from a jar. Investing a little extra in a coffee machine can boost office morale and impress clients when they visit your office. Tastes in the UK, and the North East of English, in particular, have become much more refined in recent years; not only do we now know what really good coffee tastes like, we also expect to be served good coffee wherever we go.

Coffee Machines for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants & Clubs

Hotels, bars, clubs, and restaurants are starting to see the profit potential in selling real coffee from high-quality coffee machines. And the best part is that getting hold of your own coffee machine couldn’t be easier, as we do all of the hard work for you. Working our coffee machines is just as simple: our one-touch machines are a joy to work with, letting you spend more time and energy on taking care of your diners and guests.

Test Out Our Coffee Machines

You can test out our range of tank-filled demonstration coffee machines (filled from a normal water tap). We would be delighted to drop one off for a few days, along with some free ingredients, for the benefit of your customers and staff. So please get in touch if you’d like to test out one of our coffee machines and our incredible coffee! Our main coffee machine range includes the Krea, Koro Max, and the Korinto (click on the links to learn more about each coffee machine).

Some Features of Our Wonderful Coffee Machines

  • A large variety of coffee – Our coffee machines dispense a wide variety of coffees, including the following: lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, macchiatos, mochas, and the classic white or black options. Our machines offer a huge selection of coffee so that your customers have a lot to choose from.
  • Quick to make – Our coffee machines dispense each beverage extremely quickly. Our machines make bean-to-cup, barista-style coffee in around 30 seconds – oh, and hot chocolate as well!
  • Low maintenance – Our coffee machines require very minimal maintenance, and topping up your ingredients takes only a matter of seconds.
  • Modern aesthetic – Our coffee machines look great wherever they are in your establishment. They have a modern, Italian design, that will add a little class to your kitchen or bar.
  • Coin-operated options – Most of our coffee machines have the option of adding a coin-operated unit. Whether you choose to make a profit from your coffee, or just cover your costs, it’s completely up to you.
  • Water supply options – Our coffee machines come in two main varieties: plumbed-in, or refillable tank-fed. If you’re unsure about which kind would best suit your office, get in touch with the friendly folk here at Amore Coffee and we’ll come in and offer some free advice.

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